Internet Security and Protection

How safe is your computer as you browse the Internet? With the popularity of the Internet and the steady adoption of �Always-On� broadband technologies, dangerous (malicious) threats now spread quickly.

The best way to deal with today’s infections is to prevent them from getting onto your computer system in the first place. Our complete security solutions will do just that!

The certified remote technicians at will review your PC security plan, install all necessary software suite, and strenghten all vulnerabilities to ensure proper security of your system.

Service includes:

  • Reviewing your existing security suite
  • Recommending a plan to secure your PC and privacy
  • Updating your existing security levels
  • Enabling security precautions
  • Customizing system settings
  • Answering any question(s) you may have

Service fee: $89.95

Need assistance purchasing this service, please call 1.866.607.2321 (908-315-9574) or chat with one of our online tech support specialists to get started!

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista/7 Operating Systems, and a high-speed internet connection.