Wireless Network Setup & Support

A wireless local area network is the linking of two or more computers without using wires. This allows users the mobility to move around within a wide coverage area without loosing network connection.

Linking your computer and other devices to a home network, especially a wireless one, is great for convenience. The certified remote technicians at Adachi Computech Solutions can help setup and support your wireless network.

Service Includes:
  • Technical Assessment
  • Configuring a wireless router or access point
  • Connecting existing high-speed Internet to the router
  • Configuring and enabling wireless security (WEP or WPA)
  • Configuring and enabling a Firewall
  • Wireless networking troubleshooting
Key Benefits:
  • onvenience – allows users to move freely around the home or business environment while maintaining network and Internet connections
  • Functionality – provides a high-speed connection to your local area network
  • Access to a centrally connected printer
  • Less expensive to install and manage

Service Fee: $78.95

Need assistance purchasing this service, please call 1.866.607.2321 (908-315-9574) or chat with one of our online tech support specialists to get started!

Minimum system requirements:

Wireless Router, Extra Cables, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and a high-speed internet connection.