Wireless Security Setup

Secure your home wireless network and prevent unauthorized access to it. Do you know that a wireless router broadcasts its SSID (network name) to about 300ft away from the base station, meaning that your neighbor or anyone within this range can connect to your network. This can cause poor network performance, slower internet speed, and more risks. The online technicians at Adachi Computech Solutions can setup wireless security on your existing wireless network. We will create a unique security identifier and establish the industry-recommended security precautions on your router or access point to protect your wireless connection.

Service includes:

  • Existing wireless network assessment
  • Establishing a unique security identifier
  • Configuring a secure connection on your wireless router
  • Enabling password setup
  • Enabling a secure connection on one device such as computer
  • If applicable, enable a secure connection on additional device(s) for $19.95 per device

Service Fee: $47.95 

Need assistance purchasing this service, please call 1.866.607.2321 (908-315-9574) or chat with one of our online tech support specialists to get started!

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Operating Systems, and a high-speed internet connection.