Significance of Video Marketing in 2013

The Importance of Video Marketing in Content Marketing Objectives 2013

Online Marketing


There are a lot of examples which show trends of video marketing on the web. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world which is famous for video marketing. There must be some reasons why people prefer watching videos over reading. The reasons are simple yet deep. Let’s have a look at what these very reasons are:

The Fusiform Facial is a brain function that binds us to use the human face as the source of collecting information.  It focuses on the faces to gather information thus video allows this connection to its viewers.

Voice conveys rich information – human voice is enriched with feelings which turn words into meaningful content through effectual videos. This voice combined with the Fusiform facial area make the video extremely informative.

Emotions are likely to spread – this is a fact that emotions are something we love to share. We may take this for granted but the emotions spreading out of a video is what gives the true flavour to it.

A trait which runs deep in our collective anthropological DNA is the power of peripheral motion, to state it in a simple way movement grabs attention. Watching and noticing things in motion is how we have survived since the Stone Age – seems like we are still following that.

You should be confident in hiring a video production company or a team of freelancers to write, design and shoot your video effort. There are a lot of options which aids you in the marketing efforts. Videos can be made faster and lot of features can be added by these innovative options. Here is a brief introduction to three of them:

1. Animoto:

This format which recently had a redesign to it has made things simpler as never before.  Hollywood-quality backgrounds, edits and motion formats in videos, still images are used with the addition of music from the library or your own selection to make complete production. The product is a perfect video ready to be shared with others.

2. Bravo Video:

Bravo allows customers to record review and sends their videos to you. Then, these videos can be posted, shared or used wherever you would like. The real beauty of Bravo lies in the simplicity to use it.

3. Screencast:

This format let you create videos by taking screen shots and adding voice-overs. Software demos and tutorials are made using Screencast. PowerPoint presentations are used by others to show sales processes, business models and more.

These are some reasons which make video marketing essential for effective content marketing strategies in 2013.