Social Media Marketing Trends to be followed in 2014

5 Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media marketing is one of the most crucial parts of online marketing procedures and it needs to be maintained in an exceptionally well manner in order to ensure efficient success of the marketing campaigns. As it has been adopted by most of the social media marketers for last few years; therefore, experts have managed to predict the social media marketing trends in 2014 too. Here’s a brief summary of the 5 interesting social media marketing trends that are going to be followed in the coming New Year by the marketers.

5 Predicted Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

2013 is a year of Facebook. Statistics have shown that out of 1.18 billion users of Facebook, almost 58% are daily active users. Facebook has been used so tremendously by the younger generations and small and medium sized business that it shows that further changes must bring it to its usage for providing exceptional functionality. However, experts have predicted that 2014 is going to be a year of Twitter. The reason is that people would like to learn new things about it and would like to use new platforms for their business marketing.

Snapchat is another trend which is going to prevail in the upcoming years. We usually don’t hear this term in a combined way; however, 2014 is going to bring significant changes in the trends and most of the things are going to be combined up to give increased and combined benefits. This is an amazing mobile application which sends out messages in the form of photos and videos which are called as snaps, which get auto-destructed after some time.

Google+ is going to take the entire attention of the users because of its increased functionality. Because of the new Google algorithms and Google Hangout, more people will tend to use this excellent platform which is termed to be second best social media platform after Facebook.

Peer to peer movement is now preferred by people to carry out their business activities. In 2014, collaborations will go mainstream. This way, people will be able to address the brands to meet their needs. They will not have to wait for their needs from these brands.

Video marketing is going to be the hottest internet marketing trend in 2014. These days, the trend is starting to show up but it is expected that the trend is going to boost up in 2014. Latest video marketing strategies are really going to give heed to this unique but useful way of social media marketing process.