Some Bad SEO Practices Perpetuated On Business Websites

Search Engine Optimization- What Shouldn’t Be Done On Business Websites?

In spite of a lot of advices for search engine optimization practices, people still carry out same bad mistakes regarding website optimization processes. If you do not want to create a bad record of your business, then you need to avoid these bad practices. The following discussion will pinpoint the main SEO mistakes which are practiced by most of the website owners these days.

Avoid Using Vanity Numbers:

Previously, businesses used to have vanity numbers for their contact. The vanity numbers are those which have letters rather than numbers which spell out the name of the company. This method was utilized to let people memorize the contact numbers of a company. The use of vanity numbers has been demolished now as Google cannot authenticate a company’s info with these numbers. Also, it affects the SEO of a company. Therefore, do NOT incorporate any sort of vanity number in your business website.

Put Your Number in The Right Way:

Avoid displaying your local telephone number in pretty texts and fonts in your websites. Always make sure that you are putting your phone number in the correct manner in your business website. Place it in HTML text and also place your number in an image’s tag ALT text. This will make it easy for the visitors to see your local number in your business website.

Keep Updating!

Do not ever forget to update your copyright date! It will make your website look stale to the existing customers and to the search engines as well. Therefore, your website must never be showing a past date of copyright.

Choose the Right Link For Link Text

Most of the websites use “click here” for their link text but in actual, the visitors do not look out for this in any website. It would be best if you do not use this link text for your link. Always use some descriptive texts for hyper linking. This would definitely benefit your business website.

Always Pay On Time!

Always try to pay your web designer on time. If you are not going to make the payments on time, then you are going to see certain errors and changes in your website’s working. Therefore, always pay to whom you owe in order to make your website a hit in the search engines.

These are a few practices which are mostly repeated by different SEO web designers while working on different business websites. The business website’s optimization process must be carried out carefully in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the future.