Some Examples Of Auto-Redirecting Techniques

Some Examples Of Auto-Redirecting Techniques

What is Auto-redirecting?

Auto-redirecting is basically an SEO technique, in which a visitor is sent to a site page when he lands on a certain web page. It happens sometimes that you land on a web page and it automatically redirects you to another page. This process is called auto-redirecting. This process is primarily carried out to get higher rankings in the search engines.

This process of auto-redirecting is genuinely carried out to increase the rankings of a particular web page within a website. When a web owner specifically wants to promote a page, but it is so highly optimized that visitors cannot see it, then the technique of auto-redirecting is applied on that web page. Whenever a visitor lands on a page, he automatically gets redirected on that specific web page; thus generating more traffic towards it and getting a good rank.

An interesting fact about auto-redirecting is that search engines do not appreciate it unless it is done for a valid reason. For example, it is genuine when it is carried out to spread a special message around the users; otherwise, the search engines penalize the web pages which utilize this technique to get higher ranks in search engines.

Some methods of auto-redirecting:

There is a method known as Meta Refresh Tag method, which is easily detectable by the search engines. The search engines do not find it objectionable if it has a delay of five seconds between landing and redirecting. Otherwise, this method is not advisable to the web page owners.

There is a Java Script method as well, which cannot be easily detected by the search engines. Web page designers usually use it to redirect the visitors to the main site page. It is recommended to keep the code of Java Script on the head of the web page, so that when it starts getting loaded, it gets ruined at once. The user is not taken back to the page from where he was redirected when he clicks on the back button.

There is a third method of redirection, which is called as the form method. In this technique, JavaScript fills in the form fields and then sends request to the browser for a URL. This way, the visitor is redirected towards the main web page.

Among these three techniques, the Meta Refresh Tag method is detected easily by the search engines and web pages usually get penalized by using these techniques. However, it is true that these techniques lead a web page to get higher rankings in the search engines within a very short time period, on the condition that the process is carried out and applied expertly.

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