Some Latest Android Applications Reviewed as Excellent By the Users

Recently Introduced Android Applications

Android has become the king of mobile applications and operating systems these days. This article is going to discuss some very recent android applications which are being reviewed to be very productive for the users.


This brilliant android app has made it possible for the users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows and other videos on their android devices. Now, with the introduction of these amazing android applications, users would be able to see their desired movies and TV shows on their mobile phones at any place which has WI-FI connectivity. This app is free but you have to get it for unlimited streaming of videos. It does not only let you watch your movies, but it also maintains the track of the videos you watch, hence, queuing all the videos categorically. Get it now and enjoy a fun time watching your favorite TV shows on your mobile devices.


Peggle is a sort of pin-ball game which has recently been added to the android family. This amazing game is loved and played by almost every one of us. Why not having fun while playing this game on your android device? Creative graphics and exceptional audio has been integrated into this game and you would not realize the time while playing this game until your phone’s battery dies out. Get this game today to revive the old memories of playing pin-ball in a contemporary way.

Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus is a latest android app which lets you watch your favorite streaming films on your android devices. With this application in your mobile device, you would be able to see the films and videos on your own choice with a perfect experience of fast streaming. This excellent application offers free content in the form of films and videos as well. Presently, this application supports limited amount of android devices; however, the limitation is going to end soon.

Plants vs. Zombies:

This is another amazing game introduced by android developers. The game is played in different environments, in the yard, roof and pools. Game’s graphics and audio makes it the best among all the android games. Playing this game on your android device would be much more entertaining than it would be on any other device. Get this game downloaded today!

Besides these, android developers are consistently adding a lot of new android applications in to the platform. Besides games, various securities related and marketing relevant apps are also coming into the view. Keep yourself updated about the upcoming android applications to download the best one for you!