Support and Training Services for SMBs

SMBs Have It Rough!

Small businesses are constantly under attack, economically, from all angles. Not only are markets these days hyper-competitive, but there are all kinds of worries and concerns that loom over practically every sector out there: various issues with the Euro, political gridlock in Washington D.C. has certainly stymied growth, and Silicon Valley is showing signs of communal and social dysfunction, with battle lines drawn over issues such as open source, SOPA, and the like.

So when a small business, such as a CPA’s office or a sole legal practitioner is handed the unwanted demand of not only purchasing information technology, but learning about it, understanding it, and perhaps most costly: maintaining the technology, a simple situation of having a desktop computer crash can really make for that proverbial strand of straw that breaks the camel’s back.

How Adachi Can Help

What Adachi does, isn’t to say, “Hey, outsource to us, we can take care of these things for you.” It’s not that simple. We’re a boutique firm, and we understand our customers on an individual basis. We’re not a huge, huge tech company here, which means that we don’t consider our customers in any way that’s impersonal—which is what you get with bigger tech firms, where they consider clusters of users, volumes of users, and user statistics, as opposed to considering, “Hey, well this attorney may not be able to show up to court, ‘cause he’s lost his files.”

This is how Adachi can help, and it’s how we’ve differentiated ourselves from the bigger tech players out there. Some prospective customers feel, “Well, why are there these little guys in the market?”

The reason why we’re here is that we can help in ways that bigger firms can’t. Support is literally our bread and butter; it’s what we offer and do for a fee for our customers. So we know what we’re doing. We don’t just shovel customer complaints and issues out to a call center. We take on that issue head on, and we strive to improve our services in the best way we can, to address the needs of the markets that we’re in.

You can’t get that kind of help with the bigger guys.

Our workstation support services are a good example of this. With the bigger firms, all they can afford to consider is how quickly they can implement their services’ procedures, and how quickly they can process your payment. At Adachi, we don’t just see a tune up as a way of speeding up application performance. We also consider the individual and his situation:

  • How can this attorney serve his clients better through a better performing desktop?
  • How can this pediatrician be a better physician through a more secure tablet computer?
  • How can we teach this electrician to better organize his bills through his three year old laptop?

Adachi provides services that aren’t just the services themselves; don’t just provide tune up services, for instance; i.e. we provide tune up services that can enable you to do more with less—and hopefully, in turn, enable you to earn more, and grow your own business.