What is this website about? is a full-fledge Information Technology services website dedicated to providing our clients with computer repair, service, training, and support. Depending on the nature of the computer problems and the type of services requested by our clients, we offer online computer support via remote access connectivity and/or dispatch local technicians nationwide to provide onsite (in-home, in-office, in-store) visitations.

How do I register?

To register with us, you simply create a free online profile by filling-out the New Technician Registration to provide your contact information, availability, desired hourly rate per job request, your preferred service area(s), skill sets, and accomplishments. Upon approval, you will receive a �welcome to� email notification. You can now access your profile using your email address and password you created during registration. When we receive a New Service Request from our clients, we match your skill sets and availability with the needs and requirements of the client and then we notify you via telephone and/or email as the job becomes available.

How can I find out when a job is available?

Our system is designed to send out email notifications on available jobs. Depending on the urgency of the service request by our clients, you may be notified via telephone as well. We usually consider your availability, desired hourly rate, skill sets, accomplishments, performance history based on previous job assignments, and much more, and then we match them with the needs and requirements of the client.

Do I collect payment from the client?

No. The client pays us for the initial 1 hour minimum of support. As soon as we receive the completed Field Service Report (FSR) from you showing both the client�s and your signatures, we bill the client the additional time by the minutes.

How do I get paid?

Following receipt of the signed, completed Field Service Report from you, a check is issued and mailed to you using both the name and the address we have on file. We advice that you post your feedback comments about the job and that you fax and/or upload a copy of the completed FSR to ensure prompt payment of your fees.

How much does this service cost?

At, you simply create a free online profile by filling-out the New Technician Registration to provide your contact information We contact you when our clients post new service requests for In-home/ In-office/ In-store computer support services.

What if the client is dissatisfied with my service?

In the case that the client is dissatisfied with the service(s) you have provided, we will work closely with you and the client to figure out what brought about the dissatisfaction, and then find a way to quickly resolve it professionally.

What if I need more time to complete the job, Can the equipment be taken off-site for completion?

No. In the case that more time is required to complete the job, you must communicate that with the client and notify us immediately before leaving the client�s premise; however, you CANNOT take the equipment off-site because we cannot be held responsible for damages, neither can we be able to track the hours you have worked.

Is there a feedback rating system?

Yes. When a client�s service request is completed, the client can login to his/her online dashboard to review the completed service request and provide feedback with ratings based on his/her experience with you. We review and take all comments seriously!