cloud computing

The recent advancements in cloud computing , WAN technologies, and IT customization have provided a distinct focus on the end-user as a beneficent. With the flexibility of using their own work device, workers are happier to work, resulting in the increase of productivity. This targeted data center approach has resulted in companies benefiting in a very productive way.The best results can be achieved by focusing more on the workloads with better resource utilization which is on the data center and on the end-user level.


There are different solutions which are being used by data center administrators to assist them with managing the users and providing them with the information that they are trying to access. These are some of the reasons the solutions are needed:

  • Remote users are becoming common as there is an increase in the number of contractors logging in remotely. As a result, a strong system is needed to support them and provide them with a good environment.
  • Flexible work schedule: In today’s world more people are opting to work from their homes and in a time that is most flexible to their routines. This system is more challenging as providing the customer satisfaction over the WAN is a very difficult task.
  • International user base needs providing assistance of adjusting the hardware and software at the same time in different time zones, so you need not duplicate resources to support multiple users.
  • IT consumerization: Companies are encouraging the use of your own smartphone or iPad in their corporate environments, hence being able to provide every user the tool to connect with the corporate data.



  • Complete user abstraction: This is the technology which will enable the device to remember all the settings that you have opted even to the slightest detail.
  • More ShareFile/Dropbox: The dropbox option can be used by companies for file sharing so that data doesn’t have to go anywhere but directly to the company.
  • Content optimization:  This technology is capable of managing  ICA, PCoIP, Flash, Video and Audio, which are end-user centric and can do so without the use of hard appliance.
  • Mini WAN Accelerators: These devices can be handed down to the employees to optimize traffic from their homes.
  • More cloud APIs/Connectors: With the grater usage of cloud, more connectors are needed to connect the users more efficiently.


These cloud connections will ensure the end-users have more optimized support and experience using their own devices.