The End Of A Monopoly or The End Of Microsoft

Microsoft took a big hit when its attempted monopoly was smashed to smithereens. What is expected to come next? Can they possibly still have a future after being put through the grinding machine. There are speculations that Android will take over the market and Microsoft will be no more.

According to Gartner, Android devices sales will surpass Microsoft sales by 900 million by 2017. No one will need a computer anymore because tablets will be the upgrade and replacement.  Just like when the world converged from desktop to laptop only this jump is much bigger.

Smart phones and tablets will be all people need. The only people who will retain both will most likely be those who need one for work and one for play. However tablets are already a satisfactory replacement for laptops therefore their popularity is just looking to grow. According to research director for Gartner,  Ranjit Atwal, “Even without phones, Microsoft still halves its share from around 90% in 2010 to the 40% range by 2017 as tablets become a bigger part of the volume of devices.”

Microsoft could very well be dying. Android recently released their version of Office which is called Quickoffice, What if Android takes Microsoft’s idea and ships every new device with Quickoffice already on it, who would be interested in paying for Office then? There are many diehard Microsoft fans, are they enough to battle the Android takeover?

Gartner also says that the sale of traditional PCs will drop over seventy million, 341 million in 2012 could be much closer to 270 million by 2017. The sale of tablets on the other hand, sky rocket. The sales from 2012 were at 116 million and are expected to hit nearly 500 million in 2017. You thought everyone already had a cell phone, you could be wrong because somehow the sales of  2012 came in at 1.75 billion and are expected to climb to 2.13 billion by 2017. Obviously tablets will make up for more than the 70 million sales traditional computers lose.

Some believe that Microsoft made a big enough impact on the world that it can stick around one way or another. Most of those strictly loyal to Microsoft will not let it go down without a fight. There is innovation left in Microsoft. Just because they have not come out with the best OS for the mobile touch devices yet, it will. So that is the debate for now. Does Microsoft have enough fight left to design the most unstoppable product or platform to keep Android out of the top position? Is there enough innovation within the company to keep them at number one?

Only time will tell. Microsoft has been able to go round for round for almost forty years with any competitor that has stepped to the plate. For those who have faith in a legacy this could be the challenge of a lifetime.