The Importance of Optimized Landing Pages to Online Marketing

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages are a key to Successful Online Marketing

Online Marketing

When it comes to the process of link building in social profiles, most of the online marketers make the mistake of linking the links back to their homepage only. However, if you want to see the most desirable results of your efforts then you must link back to a conversion optimized landing page. This article discusses the times when you need to link to conversion optimized landing pages. It will also discuss how to make maximum visitors and lead them to conversions.

When to Use Conversion Optimized Landing Pages?

The most important question is where to put the link back to conversion landing page. Most of the experts suggest placing it everywhere. However, here are some best spots which can be considered perfect for placing the link with a conversion optimized landing page.

Social Profiles:

Places like Facebook require the use of shortest links; however, there are places with the help of which you can get away with the longer links that are still clickable such as Twitter links, links in Google+ introduction and links in your LinkedIn contact information. You can use all of these places to put your homepage links with conversion optimized landing page links.

Updates of Status:

Most of the people do not tweet out a link to their website homepage. However, there are some people who like to post a status containing a link back to the page of the category. In place of that, you would like to consider tweeting about a single product and the creating landing page for that particular product.


If you are buying the clicks through social media networks including Twitter, Google Adwords, Bing Facebook and other media networks, then it would be good if you want to make your investment count. You can ensure that the advertisement directs the visitors to the conversion optimized landing page.

Link Building:

You surely get a lot of links to your homepage. This is the time to find the keywords which are most profitable for your online business and are able to create the landing pages which are profitable for them.

Guest Author Bios:

People usually like to know more about you when you write guest posts. Therefore, it would not be good if you just link back to your homepage instead link to a conversion optimized landing page which contains the stuff which audiences are looking for.

When you will add landing pages to these places, you will guarantee to see an increase in conversion rate of your business from social media networks, content marketing and research.