The New and Improved 2.0

So many apps, it may be hard to keep up. Thankfully there are apps like Flipboard and others that keep you up to date with everything that is going on in your world as well as the world around you.

Flipboard, the original attracted more than 20 million users within the first two years. That is truly amazing for any app, especially since it was originally designed specifically for the iPad. Support for iPod and iPhone was added later for the app then a little later, specific Android phones were able to use it. As of the end of June 2012, there was a version released into Google Play.

Flipboard allows you to skim through all of your social network feeds and feeds from different partnered websites. That means everything you need to see is all in one place laid out in a magazine format. You can skim and flip as you choose. Even though this app attracted millions, the new version has features that the original version didn’t have and is said to be even better.

The upgraded version will allow you to customize your magazine and share it with others. The layout makes your different sites easier to read and easier to see before touching the screen. Creating your personal magazine is very simple and can be done in just a few simple steps. You can converse over different articles and new pieces.

The new and best feature is apparently just being able to make your own magazine. You get to pick the sites you want in it. You can log into your Twitter and Facebook then add the blogs you read and any other website you follow. You can arrange them in whatever order you please. You can make a whole section private or public. You can then share your magazine with any particular person or a number of different social websites. You pin them or move them the same way you do with icons on your iPhone or smart phone, long tap and drag.

After sharing your magazine, you can then read others’ magazines. If you thoroughly enjoyed a particular  magazine you can search for that person’s other magazines.  You can search by topic and that of course will bring you magazines with these topics as well as different websites you may be interested in with these words.

You can save magazines to read at a later time, ie offline. You will always have something to read when you stash a few magazines for later.  Flipboard 2.0 allows so much more freedom it is bound to get even bigger than the first round. With social networking sites getting bigger and smart phone sales increasing everyday Flipboard will have no problem spreading their upgrade.