The Use of PageRank in Search Engine Optimization

PageRank – A technique Used to Determine a Web Page in SEO

PageRank in Search Engine Optimization

Google utilizes various methods to determine the importance and rankings of a web page. It is the most regular job of Google in the field of search engine optimization . Besides Google Listings, PageRank is one of the most commonly used methods to determine the listing of a web page in search engine result pages (SERPs). If you have installed a Google toolbar, then you can see PageRanks displayed there as well.

How Does a PageRank Work?

PageRank usually ranks a web page on the basis of the number of links it contains. The more the number of links, the higher the ranking of that particular web page. PageRank considers links as votes for ranking webpages in the search engines. In addition, the importance of those pages which have links with the main web pages is also considered by the PageRank. If the rank of those links is lower in the search engine results, then it might affect the rankings of the main webpages.

Obviously, the pages which are better in the search engines must be given higher ranks. Otherwise, they can darken the image of that main web page.

How to Eke out the PageRank

As discussed earlier, the main reason behind ranking is the number of links it contains. Create as many links as you can if you want to give a higher PageRank to your website. You can increase the number of your links by trading them with other people. Make sure that you trade them with the most relevant backlinks. Irrelevant link creation and trading will not do any good to your website.

Also, you can get a higher PageRank by submitting your website to niche specific directories. Always make sure that you are using those directories which have the highest PageRanks otherwise, they will not provide any sort of benefit to your website promotion.

You can create more backlinks by creating links within the pages of your own website. Most websites on the internet with great backlinks use the same technique all the time. You can do the same to get as many links for your business website as possible.

When the amount of “votes” get higher, your PageRank will automatically amend. Increased ranking of a web page will certainly affect the visibility of your website in the search engines. Your visitors will increase and you will be able to get as many customers as you desire.

PageRank is one of the most effective techniques used by Google for determining the importance of certain websites. It is one of the most common SEO practices being carried out in the search engines.