Tools for the Market

Whether you are a professional content writer or you are adding blog content marketing on top of your daily duties, you will realize there is a lot of time wasted if you are not organized. You need time to be on your side, and if you are adding this to your to-do list, then any tool that can save you time will be your best friend.


This sounds a little funny but it is one of the best tools you can have and use. Not just a regular calendar with cute puppies on it showing you the day. You need a calendar that looks more like an Excel sheet. This allows you to schedule what topics you will be talking about next month, next week, and Friday. Knowing what you are writing in advance not only makes your blog run smoother but it presents you with the chance to write extended pieces such as a series of posts that all link together.

A calendar with the upcoming topics and projects on it saves you time in the sense that you do not have to try to remember or think of a topic for the day, but it also means when you are researching your current topic, you can bookmark some for the upcoming content.


The creator of this tool has become a favorite person. This tool is so helpful for those who may not know everything about everything. Ubersuggest lets you put in a phrase or just a word and it gathers up the hottest topics people are searching on it. When you are writing content you need to know what people are interested in, if you know what they are searching for, then you know right there what they find interesting. This gives you a direction when you have none. Ubersuggest also offers insight into the topic you will be writing on. It compiles a list of terms you can use when referring to the topic, yeah amazing time saver.


This application keeps all of your awesomeness inside a nice little bundle on a cloud. Okay that sounds a bit cheesy but it is true. There are many content writers who can get creative or find inspiration when they are supposed to be writing. They would rather come up with something amazing while doodling on a napkin. Evernote keeps track of these moments. You can snap pictures to save for later and jot down info to remember at a later point. Having all of your great ideas just a small search away makes your life much easier and your content so much better.

Those are just a few of the top choice tools you need to have when blog content marketing to save you time.