Using Virtualization with Cloud Computing

Tips for Using Cloud Computing Along with Virtualization

Cloud computing is closely associated with virtualization. Any discussion that starts with cloud computing necessarily involves virtualization in it. Virtualization is very important for cloud computing because it aids in simplifying the services which are provided by cloud computing in a highly scalable manner. This is how cloud computing becomes very cost effective for businesses.

The best about virtualization is that it can be applied on everything including storage, network, memory, hardware, applications, operating systems etc. Different characteristics of virtualization makes it useful for cloud computing which makes it perfect for cloud computing.

How does Virtualization Helps with Cloud Computing?

By using a single physical system, you can divide virtualization to operate various applications and systems to work out. You can easily run a lot of systems using a single physical system using virtualization.

Virtualization is very critical for cloud computing because it decouples the software from the hardware. This characteristic make it suitable for cloud computing. Each of the virtual machine is isolated; therefore, each separate machine is protected from viruses and crashes in order to provide secure operating systems for working out.

The feature of encapsulation has been incorporated in virtualization because it protects the interference of one application with the other and prevents the working of other applications. Virtual machine can be represented as a single machine because encapsulation does not allow the interference of two applications with each other. This makes it really easy for all the applications to get identified.

Virtualization helps in the provision of more memory to the disk spaces. This helps in providing more memory to the operating system to increase the storage capacity. It is evident that virtual memories are slower as compared to the normal memory usage; however, it helps in the provision of more space, thus increasing the storage capacity of a working organization.

With the help of virtualization, the tasks of almost 20 computers can be worked by only a single machine. This way you would be able to move your system and a lot of servers to a single server. This makes it easy for business organizations to work out the work of various applications using a single server, thus making the work easy to be done.

When the work load is reduced with the help of virtualization, it becomes easy for the workers to recognize the other valuable systems of the businesses. Time will be saved which would be utilized in carrying out other important productive works of an organization. Therefore, IT virtualization has proved to be really successful and helpful for cloud computing in all the environments.