Video Marketing and SEM

Basic Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is gaining more and more popularity with the advancement in Internet Technologies and social media websites.  Video can be used to serve various purposes; to increase the traffic of your website by attracting more visitors; to facilitate your visitors with product demonstration or tutorial; to convey a message to your clients; for online advertising or incorporating into a Multimedia News Release. Simply shooting a video and posting it online would not give you the desired results. A successful video campaign requires optimization and compelling content which ensure you get the guaranteed results you are looking for.

The initial and most important step is to produce a high quality video. It is necessary to upload the video as quickly as possible. It must be able to grab viewers’ attention and built a desire to want more. This will set up good grounds for your next video and other related content. Then publish the video content on your website and on another renowned video sharing websites.

Next step which is of utmost importance is Video SEM (Search Engine Marketing)!

Web Video Marketing Tips for Effective SEM:

Make relevant and keyword rich text, which must be revolving around the video content!  It will enhance the visibility of your website in the search engines. Google algorithms give preference to quality of the content.

Meta data should be made keyword rich, unique and describing each Video page. The must be created in a highly careful manner considering all the SEO needs and requirements.

Naming your file should be done in a keyword descriptive manner. The file name tells the visitors what your video is all about.

 Page URL should reflect folder structure and include keywords. Parameters should be avoided.

H tags should be used, for example, ‘Music Videos’ as h1 and the name of the video as h2. You can get guidelines regarding these header tags from Google too.

Video sitemaps follow the usual sitemap protocol however they contain video specific tags. These can be used to good effect in Video Marketing.

Allowing visitors to embed your video into their websites (inbound link) and publishing them to play lists on your website with keyword rich links to your videos would be great. Moreover, breadcrumbs help visitors and search engines to find your video content (internal links).

Allow visitors to share, rate, bookmark and comment on your videos to increase the popularity. Share your videos on different social media networks to increase the number of visitors. This will surely impact your video optimization process effectively.