When to Outsource to a Third-party Support Specialist

Managed services don’t necessarily always make sense, but they do make sense when your business—your bread and butter—isn’t the information technology itself. For instance, if your business is a retail operation, you might find managed services for your IT aims to be relevant and actually cost effective for you.

There are a few things to consider when evaluating any kind of managed service. Of course, the first thing is cost, but straight away, this is a point that’s relatively straight forward. You can play various scenarios out, in order to get the ‘practical costs’ down, but ultimately, cost as a point to evaluate, is not something that’s overly complex.

The next thing is another kind of cost—though it isn’t financial. It’s the non-financial price that you have to pay to outsource and delegate a particular function or procedure out to another entity (a third party): losing direct control and power over that particular procedure.

A lot of business owners and top-level managers fret over this. But when you think about it, we outsource and delegate everyday functions all the time. Think about this: every household in the United States essentially outsources the management of utility infrastructures, such as power and water, to municipal governments and private (but heavily regulated) partnering companies.

At the office, we outsource snail mail delivery; most commercial buildings outsource custodian duties; the range in examples is varied—and there are many.

But more concretely, when does it make sense to bring in a third party support firm, such as AdachiCompuTech, in when it comes to—let’s just say—running and maintaining businesses servers? A good bellwether is the manager himself—especially a company founder or chief executive. If he finds that an IT problem is distracting the overall organization from its core business, then it might time to bring in an outside consultant such as Adachi.

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