Windows –Blue- Microsoft Point Something

Microsoft made a smart move with designing an OS, however there are already whispers of an upcoming upgrade for the summer months. There is always a little hub bub before a big tech player makes a move, somehow it keeps the chess game even or something.

The anticipated upgrade is already being referred to as Blue. What is known so far about Windows Blue is that it will really be called Windows 8.1 The point one is just as important as the eight. This signifies each version as it progresses.

There is more to the number in a name than most people think. If there is a new name put into place, they must update what is called CAL, Client Access License. This causes a lot of work for the company and confuses the users more than is necessary. Just adding a digit keeps things simple, Microsoft users know it when it is just an upgrade to the current system or something completely new and different depending on how the name is written.

With the upcoming upgrade, there are so many unanswered questions, such as: Is Blue a mandatory upgrade? Will apps  have to be completely reinstalled or will they all run compatible mode? Will there be apps that come out specifically for Blue? These are just few of the questions users want to know.

With so much unknown it can be scary and frustrating. Businesses have already started relying on Windows 8, will Windows 8.1 require retraining, reprogramming, or new procedures? The people who support Windows, the users who support Microsoft want to know what impact this rush upgrade will have on them, there is not even a time estimation for answers to be given.

Windows next tough job will be keeping business as well as private consumers happy. A private consumer typically loves the upgrades and the new features or faster speeds it comes with; the enterprise customer on the other hand may eventually enjoy the changes but it usually takes time. This upgrade has come much quicker than anticipated, which is great for some and awful for others. How will Microsoft keep all of its customers happy?

The point has been made that at least they did not go with the name Windows 9 for some reason the users find that jump much harder to swallow. Users can also be grateful that great things are still happening for this company that has been such a household name for years.

Users do have another name to look forward to, even though no one knows what it is or what it will be used for; Continuous was mentioned in a blog post in reference to faster development and upgrades. Look forward to Continuous and Blue.