WordPress SEO – How to Do It

How to Use WordPress SEO Strategy for Acquiring Good Rankings

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Most people think that WordPress SEO is really hard to do; however, it is not. All you need to know are the basic requirements which need to be done to make WordPress SEO successful in the search engines. With the help of WordPress SEO, you are going to learn a lot of SEO strategies that are exclusively going to help you in the long run.

Some WordPress SEO Tips:

If you want your WordPress website to get very good rankings in the search engines, then it is important that you link all of your new articles with the old articles which are most relevant. How can you link them? You can link them by using the anchor texts and then link them to the articles you want to create the links for. It is important that you maintain your focus on what you are ranking for rather than focusing on what you want to rank for.

You can find out the keywords for your articles with the help of Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics will help you in seeing the keywords which have a high raking in the search engines. In a situation where you realize that there is no keyword in your previous articles that have the highest rank, then it would be good for you to link your articles to the new articles. It is easier to improve the existing rankings rather than creating completely new ones.

Before you interlink your article, it will be good to consider the following two considerations:

  • Try linking the articles higher in the HTML and in the beginning of the content. The link incorporated in the beginning works out proficiently as compared to the link which is present in the footer of the article. Make sure that you keep the link close to the fold while interlinking.
  • It is important for you to know that search engines only consider the first instance of the links in their algorithms. They do not give preferential treatment to links using only one article with a changing anchor text. So, it is important that you interlink the same page only one time.

Those tips are critical and they are surely going to help you to improve your search engine optimization practices. You may refer to them at any time and utilize the WordPress SEO in the most effective manner to get the best benefits out of it.

By interlinking the articles and optimizing them with a better content, you would be able to boost the rankings of your webpage in the search engines. The above explained WordPress SEO tactics are surely going to help you out.